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Who we are

Farol Discover, founded and operated by Paulo Palhota, is a specialized travel agency offering immersive walking and trekking tours in Portugal.

Focused on delivering authentic natural experiences, Farol Discover takes you off the beaten path to explore the beauty of untouched nature trails.

Conducted in intimate small group settings and available in both English and German, each tour is a unique journey that transforms mere sightseeing into memorable storytelling.

Explore with us and discover Portugal in its purest form.

Meet Paulo

The Soul of Farol Discover

Paulo Palhota is the founder and driving force behind Farol Discover. With a lifelong passion for connecting with people and cultures, Paulo finds joy in sharing the hidden gems of Portugal and beyond. Paulo's expertise in geography and languages make him not just a guide but a storyteller, enriching each journey with local insights.


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